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How to Naturally Obtain A Large Penis Size

Penis sizes are relative to every man. When we say relative, we mean that your penis could be well above average and still feel like you need more size down there. If you feel this way, just know that nothing is wrong with you – it’s completely normal to feel this way. After all, a bigger package is better, and most women attest to that fact. So if you’re seeking size the most natural way, then this is your ultimate guide to penis enhancement & enlargement.

How to Naturally Obtain A Large Penis Size

Now listen, this is not a wet dream, it’s a success story that’s being shared by average men just like you. The only way to improve your girth and size is through penis exercising. But what are penis exercises? Do they give results? And if they give results, how exactly do you start doing one?

The Essentials

(a) Penis Workout
They are typical workouts that help enhance the size and performance of your penis.

(b) Penis Makeup
It has smooth muscles and tissues. Exercises work on these tissues, just like normal exercise on other body parts.

(c) Stretching & Expansion
They work by stretching or even expanding the muscles and tissues. You can do them manually, or through devices created specifically for this purpose.

(d) Time Investment
It depends on your goals and level of experience. Otherwise, expect to invest between 5 to 45 minutes of exercise per day, a few times a week.

What are The Workouts?

They strengthen, expand and build the skeletal muscles of the penis, hence leading to generation of new cells over time. They start basic, but then advance to complex steps that can only be achieved with time. Therefore, the bottom line is that all these exercises focus on stretching and expanding the penis.


When you visit forums where men talk about these exercises, you’ll realize that most of them report an average length of 1 inch increment, average girth increment of 0.51 inches, as well as a general increase of 42% in volume.

The Theory

Penis enlargement expert Rob Michaels addresses this issue on his ”Penis Exercises” notes. He says these exercises increase penis strength, plus they make a man last longer in bed. Consequently, it would make sense to reason that they contribute to the growth of smooth muscles, or they simply create more smooth muscles (The penis is made up of 50% smooth muscles).

There are 3 Types of Penis Exercises You Can Do
– Stretching/traction
– Expansion/compression
– Pelvic floor exercises

1 Stretching/traction
They simply elongate the smooth muscles, tunica and ligament tissues. The stretching and traction forms new micro-tears, which contribute to the development of new cells. You can perform them using your hands – gently elongating your penis in a gentle forward movement.

2 Expansion/compression
They concentrate on expanding the smooth muscles tissue cells of your penis. During this exercise, the smooth muscles are pushed outwards on the tunica. You can also gently compress one section of the penis to expand the other one using your hands.

3 Pelvic floor exercises
The stronger your pelvic muscles are, the better the erection you’ll experience. You can use Kegel exercise to workout these skeletal muscles. Assume you are abruptly stopping your pee – but don’t squeeze your buts or even thighs. You can do them repeatedly, even in the office.


Consider investing in penis hangers and weights. They make use of the force of gravity to offer consistent force along the shaft. This is what causes new cells to growth. They look like rings, and you can find them at your local adult shop.


Forget the pills or any other drug. Use these steps and your quest to find how to naturally obtain a large penis will end there. You can then build your self confidence over time, and even boast to the women. Good luck

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